Weeds and Parasites: Out to Get Your Crop!

Ground Cover Fabric is an Efficient Solution to these Problems 

It is true that some of the problems that come up in farming are caused by weather and climate. It is also true that other problems come from the soil itself. There are several possible problems just waiting to strike in the fertilizer and top soil where crops will be started. Others are a little further down, waiting for the right conditions to show up with the help of roots and moisture.

Weeds are the most widely-known problem and the one in everyone’s mind before planting and while caring for a crop. Even if you cut them down or pull them out, after a few weeks they’re back again in great numbers. These plants that aren’t a part of your crop aren’t more than a simple bother for most farmers. They can be cut here and there once in a while, but the truth is that weeds are more than just a bunch of plants that grow where they want to. Weeds are a problem that can become a serious complication for a crop. 

This type of growth, common in most fields, doesn’t just spread and take up all the space it can, but rather, due to the way it aggressively expands in the field, it competes with other plants for space, water, nutrients, sunlight and control of the field. This hurts the rest of the plants, especially the ones meant to be harvested since the weeds suck up everything they need to survive without worrying about what happens to the other plants around them. In just a few words: weeds start to weaken the plants around them, little by little making them sick and later die. 

How can this problem be solved?

Over time different methods of fighting this problem have been developed. These range from simply pulling up weeds manually to applying potent herbicides in the area. Manual weeding (typically cutting and removing) only deals with the problem temporarily and herbicides can pollute the entire field due to the chemical agents in them. This could prevent the desired crop from growing normally in said field. Additionally, a lot of herbicides on the market should be used within a certain period of time to achieve satisfactory results. This means a large investment if it is for a large field in which the herbicide is applied.

To save time and money there is a solution that can control weeds. Not just that, but it also prevents parasite attacks and pests that could come from the soil. We are talking about Ground Cover Fabric.

This Ground Cover Fabric helps us control a wide variety of weeds. It prevents sunlight from coming into contact with undesired plants. This inhibits their normal development and keeps them from expanding to the entire field. Ground cover helps water and fertilizer get to plants without any problems and it also allows air to flow through. This keeps moisture from building up and helping fungi or its like from growing around the roots of the desired plants. 

MALAHIERBA GROUND COVER has developed over time a fabric that withstands constant exposure to the sun’s rays. It also withstands water, chemical agents, scratches and rough handling it could receive over time while the crop is being cared for. Weed control with this type of fabric isn’t just cheap, it’s also easy to install. First, you simply clean the area of the field where you will plant the crop and cover it with weed barrier fabric. Then, make cuts in the fabric where you plan to grow plants. Last, you fix the fabric in place so that wind, rain or rough handling don’t cause it to come loose. 

Weed control is necessary if you want to prevent your crop from suffering from possible problems caused by germs and bacteria that live in soil. It also keeps your plants safe from the aggressive nature of weeds. For this reason, using ground cover fabric allows you to save time and money. It is an effective system that will give your crop the push needed to grow and advance since this type of fabric does more than provide protection from the previously mentioned problems. It also has a series of advantages that you could get another way, but spending more money. Among these advantages you can find:

  • It helps extend the growth season for the crop
  • Depending on the color of the ground cover fabric (black or white) it can raise (black) or lower (white) the temperature for the plants. This is useful for outdoor crops as well as for greenhouses.
  • Fewer herbicides are used.
  • It can be reused in the following season or moved to a different crop.

As you can see, weed control with ground cover fabric doesn’t just save you time and money that you spend caring for your crop. It is also a tool that will last for a long time and can be reused with other crops. Fabrics like MALAHIERBA GROUND COVER guarantee that your crop and produce will be first rate.

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